Heather Bronwen

Chicago, IL

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Hello Friends ... or I soon hope to be...

I am Heather. 

Standing at 5'5 and 110lbs, my fair skin and green eyes are nothing short of captivating. A love of dance and fitness keeps my petite body toned while my artistic nature allows for my mind and soul to free my inhibitions and delve into imagination. 

With a quiet confidence at my core, you’ll quickly notice that I have an appreciation of the aesthete, an eye for the unique and beautiful which compliments my self assured manner.

You’ll also notice that I smile – alot – and that my smile is genuine. It emanates a sense of ease that only a woman who truly knows herself can embody. I am truly affectionate and just as much as I relish in the traditionalism of dating, I delight in the decadence of the hidden corners of our minds. 

My life experience has been unconventional and as a result, so am I.

 And seeing as you are here, I have no doubt that you are too! 

At a glimpse...

Age 28

Fair skinned

Long blond hair

Green Eyes

5'5" and Petite

110 lbs

Perfect "Handful"


Size XS/Small

Shoe size 7.5

Affectionate, Intelligent and Cool